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2021 Plant Calendar
2021 Plant Calendar
2021 Plant Calendar

2021 Plant Calendar

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Show your plant parent status as you also track the date with the desktop 2021 Plant Calendar. Each calendar includes a separate, thick cardstock page for January - December with a bonus full-size print of each plant on the backside. Perfect for hanging to create a plantalicious gallery wall at the end of each month.


Each calendar comes with a clear, acrylic easel to artfully display the current month through the year and then show off your favorite print for years to come.


This calendar is the perfect size for any desk or tabletop and the handpainted watercolor plants will liven up any corner!


Plants included:

January - Staghorn Fern

February - Peace Lily

March - Elephant Ears

April - African Violet

May - Bonsai

June -Bromeliad

July - Pink Cactus

August - Split Leaf Philodendron

September - Pothos

October - Saguaro Cactus

November - Pink Pineapple

December - Christmas Cactus