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Meet Allison Gonzalez

Hi! I am a watercolor artist in Jacksonville, Florida. 

I love to work on paintings that are tied to emotion, whether a portrait of a first home or a beloved furry friend or even a wedding bouquet or a memorable quote.     

I am also passionate about sprinkling art into the everyday, by putting a hand-painted watercolor pattern on every surface possible. This includes mugs, fabric, phone cases, desktop backgrounds, and everything in between.

A lifelong plant lady, one of my favorite painting series is my collection of floral states from 2016. I painted each of the 50 states (and Puerto Rico!) with the flowers and plants that are native to that state. 


An offshoot of the floral state prints are the custom state-to-state paintings that are the perfect gift for movers and a reminder to bloom in your new home. 




No stranger to state-to-state moves, I moved to Florida from New Jersey to get my BA in Fine Art at Flagler College in Saint Augustine and refused to go back to the cold North after graduating. I now live with my husband Emmanuel, beautiful daughter Ophelia, and two furry pit bulls Rambo and Madeline in sunny Jacksonville, Florida.